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Hi, Hope all is good for you. wow what a week it has been. Is it not such amazing weather even if a little cold. And Auckland NZ. got a little Snow. First for something like 30years.Once in a life time they say..

Well I had better get on with my once in a life time chance,,,,

    REAL-ESTATE        REAL-ESTATE              REAL-ESTATE    

Are you looking for a new home, or section, maybe a rental, or does your vision take you to a farm maybe it is a coastal outlook that is your want, or is it a native bush scene you desire.

Whatever is your vision in the REAL-ESTATE sector you should take a look through the listings  Keith has available first. if you do not see YOUR idyllic setting then make contact and Keith will get your Real-Estate desires Quickly Sorted.

Come on take a look at     Keith's listings.

Make contact with Keith, Ph. 021 402 122        


Announcing      When you click on the LINKS  button in the upper right of page you will be taken to my links page, Which will give you all the  " Pete's World ",  links , From this page you will get access to lots of stuff I use and have found helpful to me as I have built pages and surfed the Internet. So scroll back a little and check it out. Click the links button above. 


I sometimes wish I was more of a writer than I am a rambler, I might get understood better. I am hoping somehow I can make a website that will be great. One day. At least now I have made a start.

(1) From comments I have had on my site so far have been good with a couple off repeated suggestions like (1) Get real Pete. LOL LOL .

(2) Needs to be more standard like other sites. (no na, not at " Pete's World ",

This is my space on the web, sorry if it does not appeal to you.


announcing  The INFO Blog has started, check out WEBSPOT at the top of page

The  Links in main page are set and working, Takes you to pages I find very useful and sites I use often.

And links back to all " Pete's World ", pages



(1) Well Things are making me pretty impatient at the moment with all this website stuff, Just seems to not happen fast enough. I have had the site rego past and e-mail setup and that is all done. Thank you to the people at Net Point, They have been pretty dang helpful in doing the setup and service..

Next step is to wait for the man to come back from holidays and set the site in motion, and they say he will give me the next lot of tools I need to do my site.

Crikey Hope you like it all. I will take of some content once it is running and you to have found your way around. ok .  And as I sort out the links.

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